Blender – How to UV Map a Sphere | Assign texture to a 3D Sphere Perfectly by UV Mapping


In this quick tutorial, UV Map a perfect sphere, perfectly. Texturing it perfectly, without any glitch.

  • Download a texture to be UV Mapped onto the sphere (Doesn’t require to be seamless)
Football texture
  • In Blender, create a UV Sphere
  • Make its appropriate number of Segments and Rings
Sphere Segments and Rings
  • Change the default layout of Blender to UV Editing layout from the top menu

UV Editing layout
  • On left panel, at bottom, click open to open the image to be UV Mapped onto the sphere
  • On the right side, select the sphere and go to Edit mode (Press TAB key after selecting to go to Edit mode)
  • Select all edges of the sphere
  • Press ‘U’ on keyboard, and select Sphere Projection from the menu that appears

Sphere Projection
  • Blender will adjust all edges and faces accordingly automatically but if you like to change some details, you can do it on the right panel by selection individual edges and replacing it
  • To see how your sphere looks in this texture, from right panel, select Texture from the bottom menu

You’ll see the texture in real time.

If it doesn’t work, or you’re having a problem, let me know in the comments section, i’ll be glad to help you out.

Watch this tutorial step by step on YouTube HERE.

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